Timing a race can involve many people with stop watches, billboards, paper records and pencils.  Collating results can be time consuming and then preparing and checking the results with the time details that each entrant requires is tedious.   Add into this the organisers and entrants desires for making up teams and then wanting team results as they finish.   After all that the timekeeper is often required to record the results, publish them and  answer adhoc time requests whenever the racer feels it necessary.

Professional and large event organisers use timing equipment that simplifies and automates many of these stages, but they can bring different issues, such as cost, setup time, configuration, training and having to work with a third party.

race-logger aims to try and address these issues by providing a set tools to manage each step of the race recording process. Basically an application (mobile, tablet or laptop based) records entrant details and times, it can then collate and instantly report results to the race organisers and to .  Results can be stored and archived and automatically fed through to the myriad of social networking sites that we all seem so addicted to.  This ensures accuracy and timeliness to racing results that is hard to achieve using traditional techniques.

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